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telescope making
ATM Suppliers and Vendors (I used).
There are many high quality vendors out there (some of which are noted on the ATM Links page). These are the vendors that I used for my ATM project (10"). I am putting this down on the web to give you an idea of the places I went to get stuff in attempt to show that the tools, etc., are not that exotic and can be found on this planet :o). Before I began my mirror, I was under the impression that doing a mirror was a difficult task, made more so by difficulties in tracking materials down. While this can be true, I have found most of what I need online. Please feel free to contact these vendors if you have similar needs:
Dental Stone (yellow stone; for the grinding tool):
Pozin Dental Supply Company
San Diego, CA
Ph: 619.292.4888
Reference Material
Willmann-Bell, Inc.
For this project I used:
"Build Your Own Telescope" by Berry
"The Dobsonian Telescope" by Kriege
"How to Make a Telescope" by Texereau
"Amateur Telescope Making, Vol. 1"
"Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes" by Suiter
P.O. Box 35025
Richmond, Virginia 23235
Ph: (804)320-7016
Fx: (804)272-5920
Email: I don't know
Web Site URL:
Mirror Blank:
United Lens Company
259 Worcester St.
Southbridge, Massachusetts, 01550-1325
Ph: 508.765.5421
Fx: 508.765.0500
Email: NONE
Web Site URL: NONE
Grinding Compounds and Secondary Mirror:
Newport Glass Works
P.O. BOX 127
10564 Fern Avenue
Stanton, CA 90680
Ph: 714.484.7500
Fx: 714.484.7600
Web Site URL:
Secondary Holder/Spider :
Not ordered yet, but will likely be ProtoStar
Aluminimum Poles (for truss tube Dob):
Not ordered yet. Please check back.
Baltic Birch Hardwood (for rocker box, secondary cage):
Lane, Stanton, Vance Lumber & Hardwoods
1415 Descanso Avenue
San Marcos, CA 92069
Ph: 760.471.4971
Fx: 760.471.2405
Email: N/A
Web Site URL:
Teflon (1" x 3/32" strips for bearing pads):
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
P.O. Box 54960
Los Angeles, CA 90054-0960
Ph: 562.692.5911
Fx: 562.695.2323
Web Site URL:
JMI-DX3 Focuser:
Oceanside Photo & Telescope
1024 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92054
Ph: 800.483.6287 or 760.722.3348
Fx: 760.722.8133
Web Site URL:
Mirror Cell:
AstroSystems, Inc.
124 North 2nd Street
LaSalle, Colorado 80645
Ph: 970.284.9471
Fx: 970.284.9473
Web Site URL:
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