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My ATM Project and Vendors I used.
There are many high quality vendors out there (some of which are noted on the ATM Links page). These are the vendors that I used for my ATM project (10"). I am putting this down on the web to give you an idea of the places I went to get stuff in attempt to show that the tools, etc., are not that exotic and can be found on this planet :o). Before I began my mirror, I was under the impression that doing a mirror was a difficult task, made more so by difficulties in tracking materials down. While this can be true, I have found most of what I need online. Please feel free to contact these vendors if you have similar needs:
Dental Stone (yellow stone; for the grinding tool):
Pozin Dental Supply Company
San Diego, CA
Ph: 619.292.4888
Reference Material
Willmann-Bell, Inc.
For this project I used:
"Build Your Own Telescope" by Berry
"The Dobsonian Telescope" by Kriege
"How to Make a Telescope" by Texereau
"Amateur Telescope Making, Vol. 1"
"Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes" by Suiter
P.O. Box 35025
Richmond, Virginia 23235
Ph: (804)320-7016
Fx: (804)272-5920
Email: I don't know
Web Site URL:
Mirror Blank:
United Lens Company
259 Worcester St.
Southbridge, Massachusetts, 01550-1325
Ph: 508.765.5421
Fx: 508.765.0500
Email: NONE
Web Site URL: NONE
Grinding Compounds and Secondary Mirror:
Newport Glass Works
1631 Monrovia Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Ph: 714.642.9980
Fx: 714.642.4832
Web Site URL:
Secondary Holder/Spider :
Not ordered yet, but will likely be ProtoStar
Aluminimum Poles (for truss tube Dob):
Not ordered yet. Please check back.
Baltic Birch Hardwood (for rocker box, secondary cage):
Lane, Stanton, Vance Lumber & Hardwoods
1415 Descanso Avenue
San Marcos, CA 92069
Ph: 760.471.4971
Fx: 760.471.2405
Email: N/A
Web Site URL:
Teflon (1" x 3/32" strips for bearing pads):
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
P.O. Box 54960
Los Angeles, CA 90054-0960
Ph: 562.692.5911
Fx: 562.695.2323
Web Site URL:
JMI-DX3 Focuser:
Oceanside Photo & Telescope
1024 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92054
Ph: 800.483.6287 or 760.722.3348
Fx: 760.722.8133
Web Site URL:
Mirror Cell:
AstroSystems, Inc.
124 North 2nd Street
LaSalle, Colorado 80645
Ph: 970.284.9471
Fx: 970.284.9473
Web Site URL:
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