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telescope making

Amateur Telescope Making Links

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Other ATM Pages:
The ATM Mailing List FAQ: this title is a bit misleading (not in the Clinton style of "misleading" <grin>). You can find a wealth on information on how to make telescopes here. You can also sign on to the ATM email list, a very active list dedicated to ATM at every level. Highly recommended.
ATM Email List Archives: Search the archives for keywords and get answers. Highly usable and worth a look.
The ATM Page: quite literally one of the best ATM pages on the Internet. Stop by for discussion on just about everything. They also maintain an excellent vendors list.
Mel Bartels' Home Page: Mel oversees the ATM list and is highly regarded in the ATM arena. Here you can check out stuff like motorizing your Dob, and other such stuff.
The Sidewalk Astronomers: The group founded by John Dobson, the man behind the 'Dobsonian Revolution'.
Individual Projects and Examples:
Build Your Own Dobsonian Telescope: good page to see some ideas on building your own Dobsonian scope.
Ed Steven's 12.5" "Suitcase Dob"
AstroSystems: Produce full telescope kits or all components of those kits. Highly recommended.
Newport Glass Works: highly recognized in the ATM world as a producer and supplier of telescope blanks, grinding compounds, mirrors, secondaries and other stuff.
Salem Distributing: an excellent source of grits and other polishing materials for mirror making. Highly recommended.
Obsession Telescopes: Makers of fine Dobsonian Style telescopes and components.
Willmann-Bell Publishers: While they don't advertise their ATM supplies such as mirror blanks, etc., they do sell them (give them a call at 804-320-7016 for more info). On their web site they list their astronomy books, including some fantastic ATM resources. Highly recommended.
Got Grit?: Offering Microgrit grinding and polishing compounds in small amounts or in kits.
McMaster-Carr Supply Company: excellent source of Teflon (and just about anything else) for your bearings. No minimum purchase amount. I bought a 2'x1" of 3/16" strip for $15.18 and it was shipped same day.
Swayze Optical: high quality mirrors with a very good reputation.
Pegasus Optical: another high quality manufacturer of mirrors.
Nova Optics: good reputation, but I have not seen their product.
QSP Mirror Coatings: excellent reputation in coating mirror blanks, among other astronomical products.
ATM Software: fairly complete collection of PC compatible ATM software for equations, Foucault reduction, telescope performance, etc.
PLOP: Written by David Lewis this software is designed to show the user the design optimization of mirror cells.
Newt for Windows 2.5. This handy program for Windows 3.1 or higher helps display complex ideas graphically, allowing you to make changes to telescope parameters and see how those changes will affect such things as vignetting and diagonal sizing. Shareware.
ATM Classes & Workshops:
<please email with yours>
SDAA Telescope Making Classes: Located in San Diego. Check out the classes and come on in if you're in the area.
Bellingham Telescope Optics Workshop: Located in Bellingham, Washington. Get in quick. This class fills up in a hurry!
Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston: Located in Boston. Very active group with meetings.
STAR Astronomy Club: Located in New Jersey. This group meets every once in a while to help each other out, but it sounds like there might be a budding class there somewhere.
National Capital Astronomers: Located in Washington D.C. The NCA holds mirror-making classes on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 at American University, in Washington D.C. at Ward Circle (Nebraska & Massachusetts Avenues NW). For more information, call or email Guy Brandenburg at 202-635-1860.
Stellafane: Located in Springfield, Vermont. Long known for being a world famous star party, this event also hosts some ATM workshops as well.
Delmarva Stargazers: Located in Delmarva, Delaware. Currently grinding 6" blanks.
Raleigh Astronomy Club: Located in North Carolina. The page describes the class and there's a $76 fee to attend.
Eyepiece Ideas: Making your own eyepieces with basic tools and materials.
Perfect Pitch Laps: rubber molds for easily making pitch laps. No channeling, fuss or muss...
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