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ATM Meeting Rules

Just like any other meeting, there are some rules that need to be followed while at the meetings. Please follow them to ensure that we are good citizens in our hosts' abodes.

1) NO food or drinks are allowed in the class rooms.
2) NO smoking. We will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.
3) NO alcohol or drugs.
4) ALL grit must be put in water solution prior to use (i.e. grit is put in a water bottle and poured on the tool as part of the water solution).
5) NO grit from Cerium Oxide to #80 silicon carbide may be poured down the drain. Bring a bucket for rinsing off your tool, mirror and workspace. This bucket must be dumped outside.
6) WORK areas must be cleaned prior to leaving. Do your part to clean up your area before you leave. Our motto is that 'we leave it cleaner than we found it'.
7) ALL members must respect the property and rights of others. Things that should NOT be done include theft, vandalism, and harassment of any type against another member or their property. Be a good neighbor.
8) HAVE Fun and participate in the ATM experience.
Inappropriate activities or actions will be noted and if severe or continued, you may be asked to leave the meeting. If you have any questions on these rules, please talk to Roger or other members for clarification and thanks for observing them!
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