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Sol (The Sun)

The @stro object for the week of 11/15/1999

image of Sol in H-Alpha

image courtesy of SEDS

The Sun. Sol, also known as the Sun, is the star around which all of the planets in solar system orbit. It is the source of heat, energy and light. Without it life as we know it on our planet would not be possible. It is classified as a G2 star and powered by nuclear fusion as hydrogen is converted to helium and energy. It is approximately 75% hydrogen and 25% helium, with other metals making up around .1% of its mass. At its equator Sol makes a complete rotation every 25.4 days.

Current physical information for Sol (northern hemisphere):
Constellation: Libra
Rise: 06:08 (PST)
Set: 16:35 (PST)
Magnitude: -26.8
Phase: n/a

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