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Star Trail Photos
Using the rotation of the earth to create the spin, dramatic effects can be obtained. Click on the thumbnail to see the full version of the photograph.
Exposure # ST1 : This photo was taken out in Valley Center, California on the morning of 03/08/97 (when I should have shooting Hale-Bopp). It is taken on Kodak RG 1000 film and the exposure was 5 minutes. I used a 45mm lens with f/2.2.
Exposure # ST2 : This picture was a pure pleasure to get back from the developing lab. The unusual coloration of the bush in the foreground was due to a truck's brake lights during this 10 minute exposure. It was accidental and I was really upset, but I quickly learned that it made it really neat to look at. This was taken the night of 03/09/97 out in Anza-Borrego during an OPTAS star party. I used Fuji SG 800 (hence the yellower background) with a 45mm lens at f/2.2.
Exposure # ST3 : This picture is around Polaris and it's about a 10 minute exposure. It was taken in the Anza-Borrego State Park on the night of 03/09/97, during the OPTAS star party. I used Fuji SG 800 film, a 45mm lens, and f/2.2.
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