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Newtonian Reflecting Telescope

The @stro object for the week of 01/03/2000

image of a Newtonian Telescope

image (c) the @stro pages

The Newtonian Reflecting Telescope. The Newtonian reflecting telescope is probably the most common visual telescope type in use today. Invented by Sir Isaac Newton about 400 years ago, the Newtonian telescope works by collecting light on a large "primary mirror" which is then reflected it back to a smaller mirror that finally bounces the image back into an eyepiece where the user focuses the image. A reflecting telescope offers several advantages over another commonly used visual telescope, the refractor (which uses lenses instead of mirrors to collect and focus light). These advantages include an absence of chromatic aberration (incorrect color shift in refractors), they are relatively inexpensive to make, and they can be made much more compact than a refractor of the same aperture.

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