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The @stro object for the week of 12/20/1999

image of the Venus

image courtesy of SEDS

Venus. The planet Venus, named after the Roman goddess of love, is the second planet from our Sun in the solar system. Its nicknames include "the morning star" and "the evening star", although it is not a star at all. It is still one of the most mysterious objects in the solar system because its constant cloudcover keeps the surface hidden from view without the use of radar. When Venus visible from our perspective it is a spectacular sight in or out of a telescope as it is the brightest object in the night sky except for the Moon. The weather on Venus is very radical with temperatures even greater than the planet Mercury (up to 740 Kelvin) and winds up to 350 kilometers per hour.

Current information for Venus:
Rise: 0326 PST
Set: 1418 PST
Magnitude: -4.1
Constellation: Libra
Phase: 71%

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