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A Photo Album of a Trip to the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex

by Roger Herzler
February 3, 2002
Pages 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

All images are copyrighted © 2002 by Roger Herzler and permission must be obtained prior to use for any commercial or non-commercial application. I used a Nikon CoolPix 990 to take them.

The tour donned hard hats and went into the base of the 70m, where there is a mini-visitors' center.

More of the Mars Station site. This was the snowstorm that passed over us while we were in the control center.

This is where the rotating base of the 70m meets the fixed portion. Note the oil and the shims used in aligning the two.

Monitoring conditions.

Inside the actual 70m control room (not the main control terminal area seen before - this is actually in the telescope).

Don't trip into this - you'll make a lot of people mad!

Thank goodness we've got our hard hats on. This sign means business!

Nice scope!

Same one.

From a distance.

How a "34m Beam Waveguide" radio telescope works. Note the path of radio tranmission.

Part of the Venus Station.

I hope you went to the diagram just a couple of pics ago. Can you see the path for the radio waves as they travel underground?

This is the backside of the reflector dish underground. This dish then bounces the beam back up to a couple of filters that then bounce it finally into the receivers. Neat stuff!

More backside of the reflector dish. Note the hole in the ceiling. That is where the radio waves are coming down through.

The first filter is on the left of the reflector dish. The cone under that is the receiver.

The frontside of the reflecting dish and the backside of the first filter. If you look closely, you'll note another surface behind the first filter. What ever radio waves that aren't caught by the first filter and bounced into its receiver are sent to this next one and it goes into a different receiver.

Another view...

Nice view of both the reflecting dish, the hole in the ceiling (that's open to the hole in the main dish above) and the first filtering reflector.

The group gets ready to leave Goldstone and kibitz outside the dish we just saw the inner workings of.

Karen (L) joins the intrepid group in Victorville for dinner.

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