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Up, up and away

This is a map of observers' locations that reported seeing the launch on 10/02/1999.

observational report locations

The above tacks are only estimates of location. If I got it wrong, my apologies, but I'm not changing it <g>. The people that contributed to this report were actually located in:

  • California:
    • Dennis B. - Rosamond
    • Larry T. - Merced
    • Larry S. - Hwy. 80 between Auburn and Lake Tahoe
    • Dave S. - West L.A.
    • David H. - Ridgecrest
    • Mike S. - Aguora
    • Paul A. - Poway
    • James F. - Suisun City
    • Mark G. - San Leandro
    • Roger H. - Rancho Penasquitos
    • David F. - L.A.
    • Scott R. - Irvine
    • Dave G. - Rancho Cucamonga
    • Randy M. - with Larry S. on Hwy. 80 between Auburn and Lake Tahoe
  • Arizona:
    • Jay L. - Tucson
    • Earl - Phoenix
    • Jeff M. - Sierra Vista
    • Ken T. - Phoenix
    • Brian S. - 20km E-SE of Flagstaff
    • Dean K. - Empire Ranch, 40mi SE of Tucson
    • Tom S. - Tucson
    • Michael W. - Tucson

As you can see, the launch was visible from several hundred miles away. Many observers also reported that this one was of the best they'd ever seen when comparing it to others. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort! If you saw this event PLEASE send me your location so I can include it on the map.

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